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Working in a number of Schools in Cornwall we understand that flexibility is needed, we are fully aware that space is a premium, so we pride ourselves on this understanding and work closely with you so as we can provide any child with the best possible venue within the school that supports their therapeutic  needs.

What does a Play Therapist do?

Play Therapists receive extensive training in subjects such as child development and attachment (the bonding process). They are also trained to use play, a child's natural form of expression, as a means for understanding and communicating with children about feelings, thoughts and behaviour.
A Play Therapist will begin by carefully listening to your concerns about a child and family. They will review their history and find out about the stresses the family have been through so that they can help the child make sense of it using non-directive play. Some Play Therapists or Trainees are also Counselors and who have also gone through training.  
How long does Play Therapy take?

Some children will respond to a short term intervention (for example up to 12 sessions). However, when problems have persisted for a long time or are complicated a longer-term intervention may be required. In these circumstances, some Play Therapists have worked with children for two years or more. Sessions are usually once a week and consistency on a regular day and at the same time and place is very important for developing a trusting relationship. Unplanned missed sessions may disrupt the progress